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Champalou Vouvray Sec (Loire) '22

Champalou Vouvray Sec (Loire) '22

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In addition to their skill as talented vignerons, the Champalous family (Catherine, Didier, and their daughter, Céline) are also adept in the culinary arts. They take pleasure in creating brilliant and unexpected pairings for their wide range of Vouvrays, including still and sparkling, dry, off-dry, and fully sweet options. During meals, Didier enjoys playing a guessing game with guests, pouring mystery bottles from the family cellar for them to identify. Memorable dishes like oysters topped with foie gras and Moroccan-style chicken tagine are expertly paired with their Vouvray wines, such as the 2009 Vouvray sec and the 2008 Vouvray Les Fondraux. Their most recent flagship bottling of dry Vouvray, a graceful and refreshing Chenin Blanc, offers endless possibilities for food pairings and is sure to enhance any dining experience. Vinified in stainless steel cuves with fermentation on fine lees, this versatile wine is a perfect example of the family's dedication to quality winemaking.

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