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Centorri Moscato d'Pavia '22

Centorri Moscato d'Pavia '22

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Centorri Moscato di Pavia is a sweet white, slightly fizzy wine made in the style of the famous Moscato d'Asti wines of Piedmontwhere the winery is in fact located. The winery has changed its primary source of grapes from Asti to the province of Pavia in southwestern Lombardy, roughly 50 miles east in the area known as Oltrepò Pavese. This area has become a popular source for high-quality Moscato Bianco grapesthe same variety used to make Moscato d'Astiat a lower cost, which translates to a competitively priced wine. This style of low-alcohol, sweet, frizzante wine is always a crowd pleaser before a meal, with spicy food, or especially with dessert.

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